Custom Garage Shelving

I recently installed some custom shelves for Mr. C, who is moving into a new 1,600 SF house.  The house has limited storage, so with a little creativity we where able to build something which greatly expanded his storage options:

   ^   Three-foot deep shelves are suspended over the garage door; with a few bins/totes this will be a great place to store items that do not require frequent access.

   ^   A two-foot deep shelf over the side door provides a large shelf that is more accessible than the one over the garage door.

   <   Mr C loves to fish, so we incorporated fishing rod storage into a series of shelves on the back wall.  The rods can be kept (untangled) off the floor and the whole wall is not lost to simply lining them up in a single row.  The corner was left without shelving to allow for a chest freezer (Gotta have somewhere to put all those fish!).

   ^   A set of very sturdy triangular shelves just inside the door from the kitchen will allow for larger items that may not fit in the pantry (bulk soap, cleaners, etc.).